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Written by Nick Sauls   
Sunday, 08 May 2011 07:07
Dexter, Michigan (pressoclock ) May 06, 2011 – Are you in a desperate condition after gaining weight? Just broom away your worries as you can easily lose weight by following simple tips. If you are seriously thinking to lose weight, then you have to avoid some foods and intake foods which are essential to make you slim. Spokesperson of comments that, “You must always eat according to the need of your body and should not take anything more than the need. There are specialized foods including vegetable and fruits which could burn out fat in a natural way. As the popular saying An Apple a day keeps the doctor away, apples are proven to be more effective in removing the body fats. Apples are packed with soluble fibers and regular intake could burn more than 33 percent of body fat. A person who regularly takes Apple can shed out excess fat in a natural way without causing any unwanted effects to the body. There are also many other natural ways to lose weight.”

Garlic which is taken in food is rich in allicin, it lowers your cholesterol level and also burns fat. It also helps in removing unwanted bacteria from the gut. Tomatoes are also said to be effective fat burners, in addition they help to prevent formation of cancer causing cells. You can burn fat easily by regularly including more fruits and vegetables in your foods.

Anything which is excessive is bad for health so avoid taking excess medications including vitamins and minerals. It is essential to cut off starchy foods in diet as they make you gain weight. They are usually high in roots and rice, high intake of starch can lead to diabetes and various other diseases. Small frequent meals is always better than a large single meal, eating in small quantities in different time intervals increases the body metabolism and helps to digest foods in a better way. By losing weight or fat your appearance gets changed and you will look good than ever before. Moreover a body without fat is less prone to diseases and infections.

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